How to change JAVA explicitly for custom actions

Discussion created by Harshal_Vaidya_8541 on Feb 2, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2017 by Daniel_Hausdorf_6982

We are using ARA 11.2 for Siebel automation.  we have created some custom actions and also we are using default actions provided by Siebel package.

It is being observed that ARA agent executes those action on the target server; only if there is JAVA1.7 plus version is available.

We have some servers, where the default java is 1.5/1.6-- there none of the action works. the agent doesn't execute anything. It breaks and says java major.minor.versionUnsupported exception

We have even tried with setting JAVA_HOME explicitly under process/pre-process of action. But no luck so far !! It is still picking up the system default java version.

Please help. This is a major roadblock for us in our automation. Please suggest some solution.