Question on wording changes in V11 compared to V8

Discussion created by Duong_Nguyen-Nhat_2335 on Feb 3, 2017
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I've been doing some searching in the documentation and can't find any information on this. 
Yes i know going from V8 to V11 there is changes in V9 and V10 but i'm not finding any information for wording changes in the documentation 

This past weekend we had to do a "Skip Task" on a external dependency and it no longer exist but the option "Set Inactive" is there instead. 

So i'm guessing the working "skip task" was changed to "set inactive" but in the documentation i'm still finding the wording "Skip Task" 

can you help clarify?


Thanks for your clarification,I did a bit of research and found the answers in the documentation : 

- Defining JobPlan tasks as inactive : Tasks within a JobPlan can be defined as being inactive. In doing so, a task can remain in the JobPlan without being executed. It is deactivated in the properties' Earliest tab. This definition has the same effect as setting the tasks manually inactive during JobPlan execution. The end status of such a task is "ENDED INACTIVE - task not active: undefined" (1921). 

- Skip task : You can set a task inactive if it should not be considered when the workflow is being executed. Pay attention to the following tasks if particular states have been defined in theirDependencies tabs, as a skipped task ends with the status ENDED_INACTIVE.