UNIX Command & Automic Script

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I have a VARA object with a set of keys & values and there is one particular key with a value of length 5000 characters

I am doing some string concatenation and using an echo command to write to a file on unix server using PREP_PROCESS_VAR. All the Key/value pair gets written to the file except the one which has around 5000 characters





echo [&RET1#] [&RET2#] > test.txt



This fails at the echo step when it hits the 5000 characters. If I reduce it to 1000 approx., it works. I don't remember having a limitation to unix echo command

I tried multiple options using an Array to fill and print but it doesn't print all the characters

The only was I could get it work for that 5000 characters is to use WRITE_PROCESS by defining a PREP_PROCESS_VAR on that specific vara, key,column. However, I am not able to combine the WRITE_PROCESS with my existing code as it uses unix commands

I have to place the WRITE_PROCESS in a second job and execute them one after the other in order to get it work

I looked at the JCL and it says 002 lines suppressed and WRITE_PROCESS is exactly two lines and I see it in "Script" tab but I don't see it in "JCL" tab. Is there a way that I can combine unix commands and automic scripting using WRITE_PROCESS in one single job in "process" tab?