A "Space' in ServiceManager "Command" cause an error

Discussion created by Christine_Chavez_6412 on Feb 9, 2017
Latest reply on May 2, 2017 by Josef_Scharl_103

If  your path has a space, like the one below:
E:\Automic\Automation Platform\ServiceManager\bin\..\..\AutomationEngine\bin\UCsrvwp.exe E:\Automic\Automation Platform\ServiceManager\bin\..\..\AutomationEngine\bin\ucsrv.ini -svc%port%

The process will not start and it will either say "Termination in Progress", or just stop. You'll see in the ServiceManager log a similar error like this: 
20170208/112108.079 - U00022012 Process 'UC4 WP1/UC4 WP-Server - Termination in progress (99)' (ID '1684') ended.
20170208/112108.079 - U00022022 Process 'UC4 WP1/UC4 WP-Server - Termination in progress (99)' ended, exit code='63'.

Solution: Enclose the path with space in double-quotes.

"E:\Automic\Automation Platform\ServiceManager\bin\..\..\AutomationEngine\bin\UCsrvwp.exe" "E:\Automic\Automation Platform\ServiceManager\bin\..\..\AutomationEngine\bin\ucsrv.ini" -svc%port%

For STARTPATH, a space should be fine. Example -- 
E:\Automic\Automation Platform\AutomationEngine\bin