UC_SYSTEM_SETTINGS - default value for parameters

Discussion created by Antoine_Sauteron_1266 on Feb 10, 2017
We added below mentioned 2 parameters to UC_SYSTEM_SETTINGS, question from our side: if some parameters are not defined in variable table, does it mean that UC4 application takes their default value? Or they have to be set in variable, even we want to use default value for them?
Yes this is correct. Default settings are used if not explicitly defined in UC_SYSTEM_SETTINGS.

You may find out pretty easily which values are used by checking an AE server log file. Simply look for the 'U0011847'(v10 and below) or 'U00011847' (v11 and above) codes:
U0011847 'CHANGE_LOGGING_MB' set to '20'.
U0011847 'MQ_CHECK_TIME' set to '000000600'.
U0011847 'MQ_BLOCK_COUNT' set to '000000064'.
U0011847 'AGENT_COUNT_PER_IP' set to 'Y'.

Besides default values are detailed in the documentation for UC_SYSTEM_SETTINGS.

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