SQL Stored Procedure Return Values

Discussion created by MuckMoses on Feb 13, 2017
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Hi All

Thanks to your help I'm now talking to our SQL DB & running a stored procedure which is returning values based on the parameters I enter, so I'm pleased about that.

The values that are returned are shown in the Object's report but I would like to store them in a variable so I can act on them.

I'm getting back (among other things) a file name & a path name which I need to output to.

My process is as follows.  As you can see at step 4 I need to use the output values rather than just acting on them.

1. Fetch a file from an SFTP Site

2. Pass details to SQL

3. Receive approve or reject message (This I can deal with via Output scan)

4. If approved save the file to the returned path with the new filename.

5.If rejected move the file to rejected folder.

I've not done much scripting yet, that courses come later.