Static VARA scope (validity area)

Discussion created by Michael_Lowry on Feb 13, 2017
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The documentation of the scope setting of static VARA objects is a bit misleading, so I wrote up a clearer description.



Defines the how the variable will behave if no key is specified when a VARA object  is accessed.


This setting can be used to simplify the script that writes values to VARAs or reads them. Usually, the key must be specified as a parameter in the script element :PUT_VAR or GET_VAR. However, this makes it difficult to ensure that values are stored with unique keys. By specifying a particular scope, you can simplify design of scripts that write to or read from the VARA object. For all values of scope except Freely selected, the key is optional, and the default key used to access the VARA if no key is specified depends on the characteristics of the task that is accessing the VARA.

ScopeKey optionalKey used to access variable if none is specified
No scope*
Freely selectedRuntime error U00003712 will result if no key is specified.
HostThe name of the agent on which the task is running
TaskThe name of the running executable object
Workflow nameThe name of the parent workflow of the task
Workflow sessionThe run ID of the parent workflow in which the task is running
(The row corresponding to the workflow session will be deleted from the VARA when the workflow is deactivated.)
UserThe name of the executing user (including /DEPT where DEPT is the department)
User sessionThe run ID of the user session
(The row corresponding to the user session will be deleted from the VARA when the user logs out.)