SQL to File automation

Discussion created by Raul_Rodriguez_8894 on Feb 13, 2017
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Hi, I am new to this forum (Disclosure  ) I have follow the instructions on this posting:


 In my objects in the post Process Tab, I have

In the Job File I have in the Process Tab
echo &SQL_RESULT# > Functions.txt

As I go to my inbox, I see the newly created file, so the ACTIVATE_UC_OBJECT appears to properly call the Job File, for that is the only place where the echo command is written. The problem is that the file is empty. The SQL Query does produce the appropriate information, because before I went in this direction, I downloaded the file from the Reports>Directory>Download option. The file did contain the appropriate data. Two columns of data separated by a semicolon, For example:

Could anyone tell me where is the process failing or point me in the right direction?