Oracle - Transparent Application Failover

Discussion created by Andreas_Sprosec_7439 on Feb 17, 2017
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Is Automic TAF compliant?

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Automic is not supporting TAF.

In case if the connection to the database is lost all of the server processes tries to re-connect to the database automatically.

TAF is transparent Application Failover and is described here:
Transparent Application Failover (TAF) is a client-side feature of OCI, OCCI, Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) OCI driver, and ODP.NET designed to minimize disruptions to end-user applications that occur when database connectivity fails because of instance or network failure. TAF can be implemented on a variety of system configurations including Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC), Oracle Data Guard physical standby databases, and on a single instance system after it restarts (for example, when repairs are made).

TAF enables client applications to automatically (transparently) reconnect to a preconfigured secondary instance, creating a fresh connection, but identical to the connection that was established on the first original instance. That is, the connection properties are the same as that of the earlier connection, regardless of how the connection was lost. In this case, the active transactions roll back. Also, all statements that an application attempts to use after a failure attempt also failover.