AWI — parameterized URLs with autologin SSO

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Note: An updated version of the information below can be found here: AWI URLs 


On the documentation page Configuring Automic Web Interface, in the section Configure the Login and User Authentication, there is a sub-section with instructions for Enabling parameterized login in AWI. Here is an excerpt:

  1. In your AWI instance, set the parameter_login.enabled property to "true" in the configuration.properties.

  2. In your AWI startup  URL append the login information that you want to have already entered  in the login window, so that the URL looks like this:

This allows one to construct a URL that will take one directly to a particular system or client.


There are actually a few more parameters that are undocumented. By examining an AWI trace, I was able to assemble what I believe is a complete list of valid URL parameters.

systemAE system nameUC4_EXP2
clientAE client number0001
nameUser nameJSMITH
departmentDepartment nameCORP
languageLanguage (en/de/fr)²en
ssoEnable single sign-on (Kerberos)? (yes/no)yes
autologinEnable automatic login? (yes/no)³yes

1. To use the password parameter, parameter_login.with_password=true must be added to configuration.properties.
2. If the language parameter is specified, it must be specified first, before other parameters.
3. To use autologin=yes, it is also necessary to specify sso=yes.

It is also possible to construct deep link AWI URLs that go straight to a particular perspective. These work best when single sign-on (SSO) is enabled, because the login happens transparently.

It’s even possible to construct deep links that navigate directly to a specific object. Here are a few examples.

Note that hash characters (#) in object names must be replaced with %23 in AWI URLs.