Backend VARA object based on a .bat file.

Discussion created by MuckMoses on Feb 20, 2017
Hi I'm trying to get the output from the following command into a variable so I can use it in a call to a SQL Stored Procedure.
   "certUtil -hashfile \\chaos\"test"\Inbound\test.xlsx"
This works brilliantly and I get three rows returned as expected and have written some script to use the 2nd line.

However the file name will not always be the same.  I stored the filename in a variable &my_full_filename# but when I try to generate the variable with  "certUtil -hashfile  &my_full_filename#" I get return code '-2147024894'. Command: '-2147024894|certUtil -hashfile &my_full_filename#'.

I thought I'd try generating a .bat file and run that.  So I generate the .bat file and this runs perfectly from a command line.
but I always get return code 1 when trying to preview the backend VARA.  I've hidden the Host & Login details.