Are dependency links between tasks required in a workflow ?

Discussion created by Tran-Hoang_Hau_348 on Feb 24, 2017
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Are dependency links required in workflows? Such as, do all tasks have to have successors that eventually lead to the END object?  We have some large workflows with many branches, and these branches will eventual all go to the END object. This causes a lot of link lines going to the END. 
Can we have some of these branches not go to the END, and just stop where they are? That is, if we don't care what the ending status is of the last job in the branch. 

For example: 
START goes to A and then A goes to B and then B goes to the END. 
If we have A also go to C, can C have no link to END? 
START --> A --> B --> END 
|--> C 

It appears that it works fine without and links to the END object, but we would like to know for sure if there are any consequences to having this? 

The concept of workflow is very clear that we need to have start point and end point, that is the reason why we always got this below warning while a task have no end or start point.


And for sure we can can save it, and the task would run automatically while the workflow start, if you don't care what is the ending status. then it could be fine for having those settings.