AE Install Questions ?

Discussion created by Tran-Hoang_Hau_348 on Feb 24, 2017
These questions have been asked so far.

1.Does the One Installer setup the systems files for automatic startup on boot (in Linux)? 
2. If we install on a new Linux server, can we repeat the upgrade process for the database only without changing the server-side Automation Engine installation? Should that be done the old way of running the load utility using files from the install download? 
3. Do you provide startup config examples for RedHat 7 installations of the Automation Engine (v12.01). I would assume that is for ServiceManager, and ServiceManager starts the rest of it like in our v10 install. 
Please advise, thanks 


1. For the one installer function and requirement please follow this link installer 

2. The AE server always come with two main components (AE Binaries and AE database) so if you want to have new V12 install, you both need to install/update the DB and install/replace the AE binaries.
The DB you have to use the loading utility, the binaries can be install very quick

3. if you install service manager  (service manager dialogue- optional) then we always have sample startup config.