Prerequesite to enable Process Chain restart by the SAP Manager.

Discussion created by Pascal_Osthus-bugat_1753 on Feb 27, 2017

To be able to rerun a  Process Chain in Dollar Universe, the Historization of SAP Jobs must be activated in Dollar Universe.

Nodes ==> Node Settings ==> Manager for SAP Solutions ==> Enable the Manager’s Job History ==> Y

To proceed to this adjustments it is possible to use the command unisetvar :

$UNI_DIR_EXEC/unisetvar UXSAP_HST_ACTIVE Y (for unix/linux)
%UNI_DIR_EXEC%\unisetvar UXSAP_HST_ACTIVE Y (for windows)

The Dollar Universe environment must have been loaded before running this command.

IMPORTANT: A restart of the SAP manager is necessary to have this new settings taken into account!!