High used server memory and handle count observed for Unidqmserv . system becomes dispondent.

Discussion created by Joseph_Corbin_7226 on Feb 28, 2017

     On windows the process dqm ( unidqmsrv.exe ) has a handle leak ( 1 handle per job execution)resulting on the following problems:

-at around 40000 handles, some jobs abort because there is a problem when calling the unibatchenv with the following error:

Error connecting to the IO server

- when reaching 50000 handles, on the event viewer of the system hosting the duas node the following messages appear:

“The server was unable to allocate from the system nonpaged pool because the pool was empty”.

- later on the following error may appear on the event viewer:

The Security System detected an authentication error for the server DOMAIN\XXXXXXXXXX$. The failure code from authentication protocol Kerberos was "There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request

This can force us to reboot the windows system

This is fixed from Dollar Universe 6.3.01 and higher .