What does Interlaced too much mean?

Discussion created by Andrew_Garland_7890 on Feb 28, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2018 by JohnO'Mullane
Hi Community!

Many of you have probably seen this message before but I am sure there are a large number of users who would like to know what the "interlaced" error message means:

U00007016 Task 'some_task' (RunID 'some_runid') is interlaced too much. 

You can get this error message when trying to set schedules or run forecasts among other things. The interlaced error message indicates that the system cannot determine specific upcoming events (such as when trying to run an autoforecast) because the workflows involved either contain an infinite loop (workflow calling itself) or there are specific dependencies put into place on the workflows that the system cannot determine until the actual execution of the workflow. For example, a workflow has a precondition to check the value of a specific variable created by a different task/workflow. In these cases it is simply not possible for the system to determine what is going to happen until the execution actually takes place. Actions such as autoforecasting are not possible in these situations and the workflow should be reviewed if you desire the ability to forecast.

I hope this has been helpful!