Service Manager Dialog authorizations

Discussion created by Antoine_Sauteron_1266 on Mar 2, 2017
I would like permit to a Operational Team from the company to use Service Manager Dialog tool. Is there a way through that I can limit their access to a limited number of agents? For example I want them to be able to restart Agents but dont want them to be able to restart the WP, CP from AE server. Because as I see now, anybody who can use a Server Manager Dialog can start/stop any Agent or AE process.

I was not able to find this info in the documentation.
This is a bit tricky as the Service Manager inherits permissions from the user who started it. For instance it's the Local System account by default under Windows:


So using the Service Manager, either in command line or with the Service Manager Dialog, means starting / stopping / monitoring processes on behalf of this user.

So it's basically not possible to give different permissions on specific components (Agents / Server Processes, ...) under the same Service Manager.

There may be a way of doing that either with 2 separate SMgrs (one for server processes and the other for agents), or by tuning user permissions on the programs (CP / WP in your case) at the OS level.

This tutorial may give you generic guidelines :
This is something I haven't tested though.

Hope this helps.

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