SAP Agent error U2004007 Error 'function==null' in '/SBB/UC4_JOB_VERSION_CHECK' call.

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This error is seen in the SAP log file ( [sap agent]\temp).

In the Job report, you may or may not see the following error:
2017-02-14 14:50:11 - U2000005 Job 'CARRIER_JOBS.R3_PCE625M_SECURITY_CHECK_PCE.NEW.1' with RunID '25209087' started.
2017-02-14 14:50:11 - U2004018 The job was successfully interpreted.
2017-02-14 14:50:11 R3_GET_JOB_SPOOL FILE="U:\UC4_Temp\HH\Carrier\Temp\SECU_USR_TYP.html",MAXLINES=9999,FORMAT="HTM",JOBCOUNT="13302700",NAME="PCE625M_SECURITY_CHECK_PCE"
2017-02-14 14:50:11 - U2004077 Function 'GetJobSpool' is not available in the current SAP interface.
2017-02-14 14:50:11 - U2004025 Job-script execution was aborted.

This is usually due to an incorrect Interface version or incorrect Transport case.

What to do
1) Check the SAP connection object > Remote Function Call > Interfaces [tab] > Interface version.
Change to "3" and then *restart* the SAP agent.

2) Upload the correct Transport case. This is in the SAP image. If you're not sure what transport case to upload, go to the _trans folder and open up TRANSPRT.txt. It will tell you what Transport case you can use based on your SAP version. 

Overview of valid SAP Transport Requests:
SapRel Executr Transp.Req.No Contents
7.00 R3X ECCK900109 *) Namespace Automic SAP-Repository Objects
ECCK900125 Automic Interface for SAP Release 7.00
7.30 R3X N73K900018 *) Namespace Automic SAP-Repository Objects
N73K900027 Automic Interface for SAP Release 7.30
7.40 R3X EC2K900012 *) Namespace Automic SAP-Repository Objects
EC2K900043 Automic Interface for SAP Release 7.40
The subfolder "uninstall" contains transport requests to remove the UC4 Interface.
*) these transport requests have to be imported onces for each new customer.
they just contains namespaces that are never changed.

Additional info: