Way out to transfer a file from local desktop(user desktop) to remote desktop(where the UC4 hosted)

Discussion created by Arunendu_Ghosal_8994 on Mar 7, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2017 by Pete Wirfs

Is there a way to copy a file from a local desktop(user desktop) to a remote desktop(where the UC4 application is hosted)

I tried using xcopy via windows job which runs in the remote desktop. But the issue is it cannot get hold of the file to be copied from the local desktop.

We are using UC4 Gui to connect to our config environment..

Also is there a way to open a local file location through script commands or through promptsets. Something like the window its pops out while exporting or importing an object xml from user's local desktop.

Please let me know if there is a way out for this?