How to set SMTP_FROM_ADDR dynamically

Discussion created by Christine_Chavez_6412 on Mar 12, 2017
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SMTP_FROM_ADDR is set in UC_CLIENT_SETTINGS, and this is used in Notification or when you use SEND_MAIL.
The email sent will be from {value of 

The value for this is usually fixed (manually enter the value in UC_CLIENT_SETTINGS).

However, if for example you want the email sent to be from notify_{system}, where {system} will be the name of the Automation Engine system..
in Production, system name is AE_PROD. So the email will be from
in Test, system name is AE_TEST. So the email will be from

If you set SMTP_FROM_ADDR to notify_&$ in UC_CLIENT_SETTINGS, this will not work because &$SYSTEM# will be interpreted as plain text, and not as a (pre-defined) variable.

Use PUT_VAR instead.

:SET &RES# = SEND_MAIL('',,"Subject","No Text",,)