Oracle DB Versions Supported

Discussion created by Andreas_Sprosec_7439 on Mar 13, 2017

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We currently use Automation Engine 10.0.6 SP6. We are using Oracle DB on Linux. I cannot see info on your Compatibility Checker re Automation Engine 10.0.6 SP6. 

Can you please advise if we are we supported on following Oracle Versions:

and we said …

AE system is supporting the Oracle 11g database as well as Oracle 12c database since AE version 9.13.0 SP12.

But we strongly recommend to do an upgrade of the AE system to the newest available version.

Major release and later service packs or minor releases
Whenever a major release is already supported, by default we will consider that any upcoming service packs or minor releases is supported.
If anyone believes there might be a specific issue related to a specific update then we would have to investigate.
We would inform support in that case.
Here we are talking about Operating System, Database, ERP major and minor releases.