Expressions in dynamic properties cannot be evaluated

Discussion created by Duong_Nguyen-Nhat_2335 on Mar 17, 2017
This issue happened often with ARA, one of the reason is the dynamic properties were created not in order. 


A problem has been fixed where expressions in dynamic properties cannot be evaluated because of their order of creation. This happens when property A references property B, property B references property C; however the order of creation is A, B, then C. In this case, the value of property B cannot be evaluated. 

Create dynamic properties in an order that avoids referencing non-existing properties. 

This issue was fixed in: Application.Release.Automation 6.0.4Release.Manager 8.0.0,Release.Manager 7.0.1 https://alm.automic.com/jira/browse/BOND-4100?jql=id%3D168278#