Execute ucybdbld command

Discussion created by Andreas_Sprosec_7439 on Mar 17, 2017
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Would you please provide me the *full ucybdbld command* (including the specific options and the name of the file) to load the initial data in batch (non-interactive) mode?
For example, I think it might be one of these, but the documentation does not clearly and unambiguously confirm this:
./ucybdbld -iucybdbld.ini -B -X../db/general/11.2/UC_UPD.TXT or ./ucybdbld -iucybdbld.ini -B -EREPLACE -X../db/general/11.2/UC_UPD.TXT

and we said ...

Regarding our DEV. department those commands are OK but they suggest to run in GUI mode.
Justification: if an error occurs lot's of manual steps have to be done to get the system going again. If running in GUI mode - the problem can be fixed and once done the load will go on without any additional actions.