Object Naming Conventions for AWA

Discussion created by Mike_Taylor_536 on Mar 20, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2017 by Alexander_Trenker_120
We are currently running Application Manager v9 but in the initial planning stages for ONE Automation or AWA as it is now called. We plan to migrate to the newest version 12. One thing we haven't found much info on is the naming conventions for objects in AWA. We have seen references to the fact that security can use the object name hence it is important to include the object type in the name.

1) We talked to one customer that setup their object names per the following:
  • xx_c_description
  • xx_j_description
Where xx represents the owner of the object and the 2nd part _c_ or _j_ represents "chain" or "job" object types.

2) We have also read in this community where folks append the object type to the name such as:
  • xx_description_c
  • xx_description_j
3) We have even read where folks leave the object type out of the name completely and just bundle the object types in separate folders per the following:
  • folder: JOBS - contain xx_description for all the jobs.
  • folder: CHAINS - contain xx_description for all the chains or process flows or whatever it is now called in AWA.
We tend to like the 2nd approach where the object type is at the end of the name. But, given we've never been on the platform - we'd like more input as to why some folks choose one option over the others.