Runtime Monitoring - Maximum runtime (MRT) lower than 1 minute is not reliable detected

Discussion created by Josef_Scharl_103 on Mar 21, 2017
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The Automation Engine is not a real time engine. All time based actions are triggered by a so called “Timer” transaction. This transaction is executed every 20 seconds. (In realty it is a little more complex, however knowing this is sufficient to understand the behavior explained below.)


A UNIX job executing the os command “sleep 30” will have a runtime of approximately 30 seconds:


Using maximum runtime (MRT) of 15 seconds, else cancel, should abort the job:


However it may happen, that the job is not canceled:



Let’s think about 2 scenarios:

  1. First Timer take place 5 seconds after job start – MRT still ok.
    Next Timer will be 25 seconds (= 5 + 20) after jobs start. Job is still active and will be canceled, because MRT is violated.

  2. First Timer take place 12 seconds after job start – MRT still ok.
    Next Timer will be 32 seconds (= 12 + 20) after jobs start. Job has finished in the meantime (2 seconds before), so it cannot be canceled, even MRT is violated.

Note:In addition the timing might also be influenced by the current load of the system.

Knowing this it is understandable, that maximum runtime setting below 1 minute do not make sense.