Interrogation of return-codes from VSE

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A customer would like to query return codes from VSE. If anyhow possible, in a windows job. 

Has anyone here in the community already experiences or tips how to do this best? That would be extremely helpful!

Details about the job on the console itself in the VSE

BG 0001 1Q47I   BG TESTRC 55089 FROM VSE1(AUC4) , TIME=14:10:09 , TKN=4041E24B

BG 0000 // JOB TESTRC                                                         

        DATE 06/03/2017, CLOCK 14/10/09                                      

BG 0000 EOJ TESTRC    MAX.RETURN CODE=0000                                   

        DATE 06/03/2017, CLOCK 14/10/09, DURATION   00/00/00                  

BG 0001 1Q34I   BG WAITING FOR WORK                                          

Y1 0050 IESC1024I CLIENT DISCONNECTED FROM IP:               


If the LISTLOG-Step is installed within the job, the following report is returned:


1. Submitting job: input(C:\Automic\Automation.Platform\Agents\VSE1\temp\JAACPANV.TXT.) output(C:\Automic\Automation.Platform\Agents\VSE1\temp\JAACPANV.TXT..OUT)


2. VSE Output:

LISTLOG UTILITY                              DATE  06/03/2017                                                 PAGE     1

MESSAGE TEXT                                                                       DATE        TIME      CONSOLE

BG 0000 // JOB TESTRC                                                           06/03/2017  14:27:41.46

        DATE 06/03/2017, CLOCK 14/27/41                                         06/03/2017  14:27:41.46



However, the last line from the console log of the job is required in this case:

 BG 0000 EOJ TESTRC   MAX.RETURN CODE=0000                                   

       DATE 06/03/2017, CLOCK 14/10/09, DURATION   00/00/00  


=== > unfortunately this line is not transferred.


The exact code in this line is the return code that the customer needs, which can then be queried afterwards with PREP_PROCESS_REPORT

 Actually when the job aborts, there is no feasible RC or information, and the job remains in the Automation Engine in status ACTIVE.


To summarize the following line is not available, which would be need in order to react accordingly:  Y1 0050 IESC1024I CLIENT DISCONNECTED FROM IP:   x.x.x.x               


We would really appreciate any help hints or tips.

Many thanks in advance