Automation Engine version 12.1

Discussion created by Michael_Lowry on Mar 23, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2017 by Keld_Mollnitz
Automic Workload Automation version 12.1 is currently planned for release on 30 June 2017. Is a list of planned improvements and new features available? Here is a list of planned improvements I have been able to cobble together from various sources:
  • Improved help function in AWI
  • Improved AWI performance
  • Ability to edit Service Manager records in AWI
  • Licensesview in AWI
  • Send-to(other client) function in AWI
  • Open Generated Job function in AWI
  • Advanced search function in AWI
  • Ability to move objects to other folders in AWI
  • Centralized agent upgrade
Most of these features are related to the Automic Web Interface. What other improvements will be delivered in v12.1, and especially, what improvements to the Automation Engine?

Moreover, is there an official list? I have seen presentations about v12.1 at Automic Live and during our visit to Automic HQ, but I was not able to find a list of planned improvements on Automic’s web site.

We would also like to know about transport case compatibility between versions. Specifically, will it be possible to load a v12.1.x transport case file into a v12.0.x Automation Engine? This question comes up every time we do a version upgrade.