New Client - Move Data from Prod to Dev

Discussion created by admin on Mar 23, 2017
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Good Morning,

We are in the process of creating another Client in our DEV environment that would serve as a true DEV client (basically, this is where the work would be done).  We would then transport from this new DEV client to QA and then transport to PROD.  Our current setup includes 2 servers, 1 Production and 1 Development server and the thought is we would just build another client on the Development server.

The one thing our teams are looking for before starting to use the new client is to ensure all environments are now updated with the same objects that are in Production.  As the current environment is up and live, and the objects are running as expected, they want to use this as a base for future updates and developments.

I was looking at the Client Copy utility, but because this is between 2 different servers, this won't work for us.  What I'm thinking is that the best way for us to do this, would be to add the items we want to move to the Transport case, create a transport file using the command line.  Copy the file to the dev server and run the command line to import the data from prod.  I know we could also do export/import, but based on how we've used that in the past, it won't keep the folder structure so we'd have to do many exports/imports at a time (though this may be a safer bet).

Just wondering if there is perhaps a better way of doing this, or if anyone has had to do this before and what experiences did you have (ie/ will there be any impact to Prod when we decide to transport the objects over)?