Way to monitor particular event's log

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Hello, we had an issue in production, that the fileshare was accidentally disconnected from server and regarding automic event, looking for files at that share havent found any files. Only way, we knew that in Automic, was looking to the event's log for the messages, informing about that the folder is not there.
Would you please suggest a way (Automic script?) to monitor particular event's log, to be able to take some action, when there is message we are looking for?

You could usePREP_PROCESS_REPORTto search for a certain keyword in the EVNT's report.

Here is a very simple example of code added to the !Process tab of an EVNT. Script is used to search for keyword "error" in the report every time the EVNT is executed. If the keyword is found, then notification "CALL.MAIL.WARN.ME" will be sent :


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