Proxy to listen on all Network Interfaces

Discussion created by Jeremy_Clere_7804 on Mar 27, 2017
In our deployment we have AE proxy servers deployed on servers with two network interfaces.  Currently proxy is listening only on one interface, but i would need to make it to listen on both network interfaces,  Our AE server is connecting to Proxy via Management LAN therefore getting in to Management Interface on proxy server, but agents from other Subnets would only be connecting via other (public) interface. So my question is how could we configure proxy server to access connections from Any Interface instead of Primary only (Management). My understanding is that Bindaddress option will make Proxy to be bound to only ONE specific interface.

With our proxy version 2.0.1, it is possible to listen to 2 network interfaces at the same time.

The left port is called “routingPort”, the right port is called “serverProxyPort”.

These ports can be configured with the ini parameter “routingPort=” and “serverProxy=”.

By default, both ports listen on all network cards of the serverProxy host.
However, it is possible to restrict that and to force the serverProxyPort to listen on one network card only. This can be accomplished within the ini setting “bindAddr=”.
The “routingPort” cannot be restricted.