Migration of automation Engine and related components form Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 to Red Hat 6

Discussion created by Tran-Hoang_Hau_348 on Mar 31, 2017
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We have a need to migrate out Automation Engine system from running on RHEL5 to RHEL6, there is no direct OS upgrade path so we are creating a new host and migrating from the old to the new 

Could you provide some details on what this migration may look like? I am especially interested in making sure our licensing works out properly. 

We have the following running on the server we are migrating off of. 
Automation Engine - All CPs and WPS run on this server 
SQL Agent 
Linux Agent 
DB_Service agent (use for SQLI Varas and related) 

For reference everything Automic related is installed under /opt/UC4_V10 

The new server we are migrating to will need to have a different hostname and IP than the current one, so I am already anticipating changing connection settings in various Agent Ini files. 

The full version of all of our items is 10.0.2+build.624

There is no special stuff of changing the host name, in your new server please make sure that the WP and CPs can connect to the database, 
on the agent side, if you copy the agent's binaries, then you may facing the issue with "keystore" (login to client 0, and renew agent transfer key), and if you wont start more agent then we don't have to worry about the license.

For your information: Many user using the host name in the CP connection instead of using direct IP address, so in case of changing the host or disaster happen then can quickly have system up and running by updating the DNS service