Service Manager Entry in Client 0 Not Populating (Sometimes)

Discussion created by laura_albrecht_automic on Mar 31, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2017 by Wolfgang_Brueckler_1288
Hi.  I use the service manager to control all my agents.  Everything works fine, just a bit of weirdness.

After I install an agent and it connects to client 0 - then we want to make sure the values on the Attributes tab of the agent object in client 0 are correct - pointing to the correct Phase, Name and Port number.

When a new agent connects to my DEV or QA systems - I have to manually populate this information.  Not a problem.  But, when a new agent connects to my PROD system - the information is automatically populated.

This must be a setting somewhere and I'd like to figure out what it is because it's obviously nicer just to verify the information vs. entering it in manually.

Does anyone know?