EXEC VARA parameters corrupted if any parameter is blank

Discussion created by Michael_Lowry on Apr 2, 2017
On Friday I discovered a problem that impacts the way parameters are passed from a EXEC VARA object to its child executable object. If the value of any parameter in the EXEC VARA is blank, then that parameter and any subsequent parameters will be corrupted. Replacing the blank value with anything — even a single space — makes the problem go away. I opened INC00131761                                                 about this bug. See the attached objects for a demonstration of the problem.

I identified this bug in AE v12.0.1 HF2.

We now have three tickets open about EXEC VARAs:
PRB00129192Workflow hangs in 'Waiting for user input' if default value of a prompt   set element contains reference to EXEC VARA
PRB00129234SQL VARA object references in EXEC VARA parameters are not correctly   resolved
INC00131761EXEC VARA parameters corrupted if a parameter is blank

See this discussion for more information about the first two tickets.