Rebuilding the database - what are others doing?

Discussion created by RickM111 on Apr 3, 2017
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Ran into some issues over the weekend, and found out that the database is in need of rebuilding.  Did several searches out here, and found all sorts of information.  However, I didn't find much on doing an actual rebuild.

SQL 2012 Enterprise

A few tables have a very high % of fragmentation.  One is at 94%

An SQL DBA that isn't familiar with the Automic setup created a rebuild job in the SQL Maintenance Plan to run tonight while there isn't too much processing going.

I haven't seen much about the rebuilds, so I figured that I would post something and ask if anyone had much experience in doing the rebuilds or reorgs. 

Any ideas will be appreciated

Edited to provide a little more information

Running two clients (00 and 10)

Client 10:

  • 83,000 objects
  • 820,000+ jobs executed/month