Agents Groups in PreConditions

Discussion created by admin on Apr 6, 2017
Good Morning,

We have some workflows that have as a prerequisite to check for the existence of a file every 1,5, or 10 minutes (depending on the workflow).  Since we use Agent Groups, we can't use the native "if file exists" and instead, a script has to be run that will check for the file instead.  This works, however, one thing we're finding is that let's say there is a system outage, a few of those jobs that are running as a results of the preconditions just sit out there either in Generating or Waiting for User Input, and the workflow ends up finishing.

We've had some issues due to this (workflows completing the rest of the tasks when it shouldn't have, workflows ending abnormally but the job that ran in the prerequisite just sat in the Activities window), and wondering if anyone has found a better way to use Agents Groups in the file check options in PreConditions.  We're thinking something with variables for portability between environments, but this would impact quite a few workflows, so if there are some good alternatives, please let me know.