The AE Health Check

Discussion created by Andreas_Sprosec_7439 on Apr 11, 2017

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I would like to know, how the performance of AE System is reviewed …

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The AE Health Check is a service package that helps Automic customers keep their Automation Engine (AE) system as stable, high-performing and resource-friendly as possible. Thus losses and bottlenecks in automating should be avoided, and minimizing implementation costs while maximizing AE use.

This service is performed by AE experts and includes a complete analysis of AE systems, starting with the existing installation (hardware, OS, database(s), competing applications, reliability, etc.), across the current configuration of the AE-server, agents and utilities, the handling of automation in regards to the type and number of processes, up to graphic evaluations (optional) from historical data to aid in the detection of legacy issues, load peaks. Interrelationships of faulty activities.

From these analytical data, a document for the customer is created with recommendations for performance and stability optimization of AE in its specific environment. As to what extent these recommendations are implemented is ultimately the responsibility of the customer. Minor adjustments (e.g., adjustments of configuration parameters) are often implemented by the customers, in cooperation with the AE experts, during the course of the Health Check.

Automic Professional Service team can provide a health check. If you are interested in this service please reach out to your account manager.