How to show which Object(s) that a specific User has created or modified.

Discussion created by bobby_tamayo_automic on Apr 12, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2017 by RickM111
Ggiven the username/department and client, it will query all the objects created and modified by the user BTA/UC. If the VERSION_MANAGEMENT parameter is enabled in the UC_CLIENT_SETTINGS, the below query will also show the old version of the object.

select o.OH_NAME UserName, i.OH_NAME ObjectName, i.OH_OType ObjectType, i.OH_CrDate CreaDate,i.OH_ModDate ModDate from OH o
inner join OH i ON o.OH_Idnr=i.OH_CrUserIdnr OR o.OH_Idnr=i.OH_ModUserIdnr
where o.OH_Name='BTA/UC'  AND  (i.OH_CrDate >= '11-APR-17' OR i.OH_ModDate >= '11-APR-17') AND o.OH_Client='0100';

Example result: