Unable to view AWI Perspectives when in Usergroup

Discussion created by Harriet_Kim_1764 on Apr 14, 2017
When a user gets added to a Usergroup, they lose the ability to view the AWI perspectives (Process Assembly, Administration, Process Monitoring, Service Catalog).

1. Create a Usergroup 
2. Create some restrictions in the Authorizations tab
3. In the Privileges, select all except the 'Runbook mode' 
4. Create a User 
5. Add that user as member of the Usergroup 
6. Login with that user

EXPECTED: Able to view the Process Assembly, Administration, Process Monitoring, Service Catalog 
ACTUAL: Only able to view Administration only

To get the usergroup rights to propagate, add a line in the usergroup authorization tab with: 
GRP = 1; type * with Read permission 
This is by design.  Please feel free to submit a feature enhancement request if a design change is desired.