Discussion created by JGi604607 on Apr 18, 2017
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I am trying to run SSIS package with date range parameter so I created a prompt set. The format has to be YYYMMDD, but for me to change the format from the default (YYYY-MM-DD), the calendar object needs to be set as a reference.

I selected the calendar and chose EVERYDAY as the keyword, but when I try to select a date that's earlier than Jan 1, 2015, I get an error. I also have to manually type in the date as opposed to selecting the date from the calendar because anything later than Jan 1, 2015 is grayed out.

Start Date: Error in object 'JOBS.NAME prompt 'PRPT.DATE_RANGE': Input '2014-05-28' for Calendar 'CALE.FISCAL_CALENDAR', scope 'EVERY_DAY' is not valid.
 What am I doing wrong?