Is there a way the Calendar obj can we overwritten by given manual dates

Discussion created by Nikhil_Karel_9136 on Apr 19, 2017
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Hi All, 

Am a newbie for Automic and we are currently using 9.0 version. We have a complex situation and wanted to check if your expertise can be of help. We have a workflow with 60 odd jobs, these jobs have to be run on Daily basis for date t-7th date (if today date is t). The work flow needs Start date & End date as the input parameters to run the workflow,

We have two cases where we run the workflow for
1. Same Start date and end date 
2.Start date is different to end date , so it can be a range of dates.

We have made required changes such that say, the work flow running on 14th of this month, the workflow tasks will actually take in date parameters as 7th and use it as Start & End date through out the workflow since we have a data availability lag of 7 days for these tasks. We can have multiple of runs of the same workflow as it will be running daily, a workflow running yesterday can be blocked due to no data availability & wait for manual intervention to UNBLOCK or RESTART, a workflow running today can be completed if all the data needed for the 60 tasks is available.

So here are two scenarios were it would be great if you can shed some light,

1. Is there a way we can limit the number of tasks running in parallel, I tried queue but it puts a limit on the number of tasks running in parallel, making it hard for 2-3 workflows run in parallel with 2-3 tasks active in it. Since the workflows itself are competing for queue and which ever workflow gets queue, the corresponding tasks occupy the queue.

Group object doesn't seem to work since it doesn't hold good when used with recurring or scheduler object.

Is there a way where we can have at-least 2 or more workflows running in parallel with 2-3 tasks active at any given point of time so that we are using the cluster resources within the limit? 

2. Secondly, we have 1-2 tasks for which the availability of data is 6th of every month, so the task has to only run on 6th for which I have used the calendar function. But not sure how do I establish a link between the Scheduler and Calendar object, because the scheduler object is running today for t-7th date, which is being passed to Workflow using :PSET &SCHE_STARTDT# = SUB_DAYS(&$LDATE_YYYYMMDD#, 7 in process tab, so how do I make a task with calendar object defined to run on 6th, read this t-7th date coming from scheduler obj and run the task if t-7th is equal to 6th .

3. We might manually run the same workflow for a range of dates, we pass the start date and end date as prompt variables, say Start date is 5th & End date is 9th , the jobs with calendar function don't kick off even though they fall under this range like discussed earlier we have some tasks that run only on 6th, the workflow doesn't run these tasks as the calendar function is only considering the current date but not the dates from prompt variables.

Is there a way we can address this issue?

Any help is appreciated.