Primary Mode and Cache utilisation

Discussion created by Antoine_Sauteron_1266 on Apr 21, 2017
In the doc , I have noticed this:
When the PrimaryMode= parameter in the Automation Engine's UCSRV.INI is set to 1, the cache utilization of the PWP is not representative for other WPs. In this case, the PWP accepts PWP messages only. Therefore, the workload of all work processes including PWP is not equally distributed.

1 - We have two AE servers and PrimaryMode=1 is set. So I suppose, that is not the best practice for  this parameter? What is the default and the best practice?

2 - I have also noticed in the "cache" screen that the ODOC threshold is reached.
What may cause this? How can i update this ODOC threshold?

1 - This parameter affects the very role of the PWP :

If set to "0" then the PWP will process its own messages and deal with workload as a regular WP.

If set to "1" the PWP will only process its own messages related to the Automation Engine internal tasks. According to the documentation "it performs central work-process tasks which must not be allocated (time basis, process administration etc.)"

Default value is "0".wo267ir1pxb8.png

The best practice depends on your environment's size and workload. If you have many server processes then it's probably safe to use "PrimaryMode=1". You probably want to keep roles separated for a better performance of the PWP.

However there's not perfect answer to this, as each environment is different.

2 - Surely you are talking about this screen :


The ODOC type cache contains GUI descriptions (XML) for the UserInterface.

Data is stored in the cache until its maximum size has been reached. In which case, the Server will delete entries that are no longer required. The cache's maximum size will be ignored if it is not possible to remove data.

" If new entries are stored in the Cache when the limit has been reached, a background reorganization process is triggered which removes those entries from the Cache which were longest unused. This procedure is continued until the used memory could have been reduced below the specified maximum value. Each Cache has its on refresh control to always keep it up to date. Hence, manual control is not necessary."

More details here:

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