Windows powershell jobs do not get launched when script variables are passed to the job

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Hello I have created a fairly simple jobplan. In it a script reads a static vara object. This vara object contains a list of departments and their corresponding windows AE agent. For each line found in the vara object the script reads the department name and AE hostname, puts these two script variables into the read buffer and activates a Windows job.
Please note that in order to run Powershell jobs on a Windows agent, you will need:

1 - To configure UC_EXT_INTERPRETERS_WINDOWS in Client 0 and add an entry for Powershell:


2 - Then your Windows job will need to have its Powershell code written between :BEGIN_EXT_INT[ERPRETERS]... :END_EXTERNAL_INT[ERPRETERS].

You can pass variables from Powershell to the Automation Engine with :REGISTER_VARIABLE.

This is covered in this excellent post from

Michael A. Lowry


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