Stateflow button is greyed out or disabled

Discussion created by Christine_Chavez_6412 on Apr 24, 2017

You may encounter an issue where the Stateflow button is greyed out or disabled.

In ARA 5.0, it will just be greyed out.
In ARA 5.1 and up, when the mouse hover over the Stateflow button, it will show "permission denied".

On GUI, in Administration perspective > Usergroups or Users may show that the user has the right permissions or belong to the appropriate usergroup

However, what you see on GUI may not always be in sync with what's in the table.

This sometimes happen when you run LDAP sync and LDAP sync did not finish properly.  
The workaround is to re-run LDAP sync.

To verify that the account/user running the workflow belongs to the necessary usergroup or has permission, run the query below against ARA database:

select, u.AuthenticationMethod, u.IsAdmin, m.TechnicalName, m.DisplayName
from Usr u inner join Member m
on u.Id = m.Id
where in 
(select ug.UserId from Usergroup_User ug where ug.UsergroupId in 
(select from Usergroup ug inner join Member m on ug.Id = m.Id where m.DisplayName = '{Usergroup_Name}')

Screen shot below the users belonging to usergroup "TRAINING_ARA2"