How to put the name of the JOBI object in an object variable

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In this discussion (https://community.automic.com/discussion/893/rename-the-include-object ) I found the following comment;


Mark Hadler said:


On V8, the documentation states:  

Enter the complete name of the Include object. Script variables are not allowed. 
While it allows the object to be saved, execution results in:

Error: U0010003 Object: 'THE_OBJECT': Include '&THE_INC' not found in object

Are you (hopefully) saying that this actually works in later versions?  Please say that it is true since I have always had a desire to do this.

Hi Mark,

this is still not possible (v10 SP2). The AE takes the characters after the :INC statements as a "real" object name. Replacing a script variable by its content is not implemented here.

To make this possible I guess the script interpreter has to be changed ...


I'm wondering if this is still not possible in version v12 !?