[Quick question] - Massively update an event in a CALE (calendar)

Discussion created by Cyril_Delplanque_2297 on Apr 26, 2017

Context :



Event 'weekly' including every day from Monday to Friday.

Event 'group' subtracting the calendar event UC_HOLIDAYS_F.TOTAL (all French holidays) from MONDAY_TO_FRIDAY FRIDAY.

We will add several calendars CALE.CDP.2, CALE.CDP.3, CALE.CDP.4 with events ‘group’ containing UC_HOLIDAYS_F.TOTAL.

The UC_HOLIDAYS_F.TOTAL event contains all french holidays, some of which are only applicable in certain departments in France (example: Good Friday, which is a holiday in Alsace-Moselle but not in the whole country).

Question :
How to change the event UC_HOLIDAYS_F.TOTAL by another event CALE.CDP.5.JF_75 (holidays of Paris) ?
  1. Export the set of calendars CALE.CDP.1, CALE.CDP.2, CALE.CDP.3, CALE.CDP.4 (xml format)
  2. Edit the file, search for UC_HOLIDAYS_F.TOTAL and replace it CALE.CDP.5 .JF_75
  3. Import and overwrite calendars by overwriting.