z/OS Job reports Invalid User ID / Invalid password for User ID

Discussion created by Gabor_Szilagyi_7654 on Apr 27, 2017


When a Job gets executed on the z/OS Agent
with the option: JCL type - Automation Engine
but the execution is unsuccessful and resulted by the following messages:
U02005047 It was not possible to start job 'JOBS.IEFBR14'. Invalid password for User ID '...'!
U02005046 It was not possible to start job 'JOBS.IEFBR14'. Invalid User ID '...'!


First: the Login object should be verified to make it sure there is no typo in the login data! 




If the error still preventing the successful execution,
the following settings should be checked:  

-Login object - Login info / user name should be changed from lowercase to UPPERCASE        
-Agent ini: add the option:  "PasswordMixedCase=1"


After the ini change the restart of the agent is necessary and the execution should be successful. 
This issue is related to the actual z/OS authorization settings: User ID case sensibility.