AS400 -- Spool Analysis

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Spools are outputs generated by jobs executive in Batch Mode (SBMJOB). They need these standard output stream where they can send information about their execution, whereas in interactive mode executed commands will display their runtime messages and results to the Terminal.

Interactive vs Batch Submission

- Synchronous command
- Execution in front ground
- Parameters can be passed to the called program
• - AS400 environment can not be set (JOBQ, OUTQ, JOBD,…)

- Asynchronous command
- Execution in background
- Parameters cannot be passed to the called program
- AS400 environment can be set

Spools are created in Out Queues (object OUTQ). The file QPRINT is the file that collects all standard Printer Outputs (members outputs). There are many different Out Queues with different Properties for example like Debugger, Error outputs.


In the QPRINT file we have two spools coming from One Automation. The DSPLIB command was executed over a job submitted by a AS400 agent.


Editing a Spool: Wrkoutq choose the file QPRINT ( option 5:work with) ==>  QDSPLIB ==> (option 5:display)



IMPORTANT: AUTOMIC Agent collects its Spools and removes them from the OUTQ. They can be analyzed in the Job Report. Here we can see the output stream returned by the command DSPLIB LIB(UC4V11)..