GET_LOGIN script function functionality

Discussion created by Andrew_Garland_7890 on Apr 30, 2017
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Hi Community!

Some users have been upgrading from v9 to a newer version of the Automation Engine (v11 / v12) and are noticing the GET_LOGIN script function for SQL type login information. The documentation notes that you will need to create a custom Login type now in order to use this script function. Please review the outline below on the specific steps needed:

1) Log onto client 0 of the UserInterface 
2) Open the folder "DIV_VARIABLES" 
3) Open the Variable "UC_LOGIN_TYPES" 
4) Add the Key "MSSQL" with the Value 1 of "MSSQL"  (you can name this anything other then the current existing login types)
5) Save and close the variable 
6) Log onto the client containing the LOGIN object whose information you are trying to retrieve 
7) Create a new line item within this LOGIN object with the following data: 
Name: * 
Type: MSSQL  (or the name used in step 4)
Login info: <insert login information for the SQL login> 
Password: <insert password information for the SQL login> 
8) Save and close the LOGIN object
9) Edit your script to the following: 
10) You should now be able to pull the login information 

The above method requires creating a custom login type on client 0 (steps 1 - 5) then adding a line in the login object which uses that custom type. Now the GET_LOGIN() script function will be able to pull the Login info and password if needed.

I hope this has been helpful!