How can More than one SOAP_URL Reference be used in a Workflow?

Discussion created by Howard_Higgins_6093 on May 2, 2017
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Hello All,

Have an issue, a workflow has two webservice objects and they each call load plans from different databases which means they have two different SOAP_URL’s

So, the Workflow looks like:


The SOAP_URL is set in the “Variables & Prompts” tab of the JOBP object and this is okay for [WS.LP_JOB1] but the global setting overrides the SOAP_URL for [WS.LP_JOB2] and uses the one for WS.LP_JOB1. I have tried several things with no success.

How do I configure this work correctly without deleting the global setting (then having to create the reference in every object that calls a load plan)?

This solution uses Python to facilitate calling the Oracle database LP.  Wish to avoid having to manually set the SOAP_URL reference in every object in the workflow.

 I have made the example very simplistic but there are several more load plans which reference WS.LP_JOB1 in the real workflow. It worked well until now when a new LP needs to contact a different SOAP_URL.

 Can anyone suggest how to resolve this please?

 Kind regards,