Setting TimeZones in Clients

Discussion created by Antoine_Sauteron_1266 on May 4, 2017
1 - Virtually none of the jobs which run in the Client has the TimeZone set in their attributes; I was taught they default to the TimeZone set in Client 0.
2 - After the property is set, how long does it take before the correction is seen on the other clients?
Does the AE server need to be restarted?

1 - The AE server runs on UTC time. By default all Clients will run on this time as well, unless a different TimeZone (TZ) is set within their properties. Each client has its own properties, hence changes made on Client 0 will not reflect on other clients.

To set the TZ edit the Client and choose it from the drop-down list in the attributes tab:


Please note that this change must be done from Client 0. TZ objects created in other clients may only be used in objects such as workflows, jobs, etc. contained in the client.

2 - The change is immediate and does not require a restart of the server.

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